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Immortals 5
chapter 6
I finally found Lycans
"A few more hours and we arrive." Said Joseph.
"I am glad that nothing happened to us last night." Ludwig replied with relief.  "We are safe in this part of country, trust me." "Its just." Ludwig stopped to talk, he did not want to argue with his compenion. Joseph noticed Ludwigs sight and tried to soothe him. "There are not many monsters out there because of the lycans. This is lycan area. They watch over the people who give them food and other offers and the lycans keep the monsters away from them in return." "How do you know all that?" Ludwig asked curiously. "When you are a monster hunter you see a lot of things." Joseph replied.  "And why do not you hunt them?" "There are also good monsters ludwig." He said, stopping his horse. "We arrived boy." Ludwig also stopped his horse.  The hunter had lead the young men deep into the woodland. They have ridden all night long and at the gray of dawn they arrived a small cabin.
First the place l
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Immortals 4
Chapter 5
The Travel
The clutter of filled glass bottles penetrated the house at night, followed by a relieved buzz when he found what he was looking for. The strangers hand grently gripped a small honey-brown bottle of mead. His head had disappeared in the closet, and Ludwig and his brother watched him with questioning faces. Peter could not hide his dislike of him, his eyebrows met in the middle of his forehead. Ludwig on the other hand scratched the back of his head before he finally found enough courage to talk to the distracted stranger.
With a grin on his face and the mead in one hand the young brown-haired man turned around. He raised his eyebrows questioningly. "Did you say something, kid?" Ludwig closed his eyes to hide that he was rolling them but his twin rolled his eyes obviously followed by a grunt."You spoke of vampires and werehounds!" Peter said pissed but the stranger just chuckled and moved in Peter's direction to stop right in front of him. He was taller than Peter,
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Chicago is so two years ago by SandmanPeterick Chicago is so two years ago :iconsandmanpeterick:SandmanPeterick 8 6 Take our tears and put them on ice by SandmanPeterick Take our tears and put them on ice :iconsandmanpeterick:SandmanPeterick 5 4 Give a smile get a smile by SandmanPeterick Give a smile get a smile :iconsandmanpeterick:SandmanPeterick 6 2
November 27
Did you ever wonder what happens under the water surface? I do not mean what you see when you go diving. I am talking about myths and magic. I am talking about mermaids. When I was a little boy, I was crazy about them. Almost obsessed. My mom and I lived close to the sea and every day I spent at the dock watching my reflection in the water while lying on my tummy. I always hoped to see a different face. I was an 11 year old, not very popular in school and yes, I know, mermaids and seapeople are actually rather something for little girls but what can I say? They fascinated me. So it was only a matter of time before I got bullied. Well, I preferred being near the water anyway, rather than at school, so I tried to lie on prone every single minute during my leisure time and stare into the sea in any wind and weather.
but one day I saw something. At least, I firmly believed in it.
A pair of eyes, just below me, black hair softly moving with the waves and something dark blue shimmering next
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