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Mania Sandman by SandmanPeterick Mania Sandman :iconsandmanpeterick:SandmanPeterick 8 0
Immortals 8
Chapter ten
Januar 1692  
Louis snuck away from the farm after he covered the old merchants remains carefully with straw. Tears rolled down his cheeks. He was good to him and worst of all, he reminded him of his father. No one seemed to have heard the happening of last night, but something worse was happening instead. Lycans. Evelyn and her pack made it into the city. Louis quickly stole the first rags he could find and from afar he noticed that the whole town was in turmoil. They searched for him and seemed to spare no one who ran across their path. From far away, he could clearly hear the cries of the inhabitants. After he put on the clothes Louis hurried back to the barn to unbound one of the restless cold-blood horse and made his way out of the town, far away, as fast as possible. To Louis luck, it was still raining cats and dogs and it did not look like it would stop soon. He made it, they did not follow him.
Louis was riding for days now but he did not stop and rode as fast
:iconsandmanpeterick:SandmanPeterick 2 0
Llamania by SandmanPeterick Llamania :iconsandmanpeterick:SandmanPeterick 9 2 Forest by SandmanPeterick Forest :iconsandmanpeterick:SandmanPeterick 3 0 Bishops knife trick by SandmanPeterick Bishops knife trick :iconsandmanpeterick:SandmanPeterick 5 0 Night out by SandmanPeterick Night out :iconsandmanpeterick:SandmanPeterick 5 0 Peter Blood bath redraw by SandmanPeterick Peter Blood bath redraw :iconsandmanpeterick:SandmanPeterick 4 5
Mature content
Immortals 7 :iconsandmanpeterick:SandmanPeterick 2 0
Scars by SandmanPeterick Scars :iconsandmanpeterick:SandmanPeterick 6 0 Peter sketches by SandmanPeterick Peter sketches :iconsandmanpeterick:SandmanPeterick 6 0 Midna Pete and Patrick Link by SandmanPeterick Midna Pete and Patrick Link :iconsandmanpeterick:SandmanPeterick 10 0
Mature content
Immortals 6 nsfw :iconsandmanpeterick:SandmanPeterick 1 0
Lewis sketches by SandmanPeterick Lewis sketches :iconsandmanpeterick:SandmanPeterick 10 7
Immortals 5
chapter 6
I finally found Lycans
"A few more hours and we arrive." Said Joseph.
"I am glad that nothing happened to us last night." Ludwig replied with relief.  "We are safe in this part of country, trust me." "It is just." Ludwig stopped to talk, he did not want to argue with his compenion. Joseph noticed Ludwig's sight and tried to soothe him. "There are not many monsters out there because of the lycans. This is lycan area. They watch over the people who give them food and other offers and the lycans keep the monsters away from them in return." "How do you know all that?" Ludwig asked curiously. "When you are a monster hunter you see a lot of things." Joseph replied.  "And why do you not hunt them?" "There are also good monsters Ludwig." He said and stopped his horse. "We arrived." Ludwig also stopped his horse.  The hunter had lead the young man deep into the woodland and at the gray of dawn they arrived a small cabin.
First the place looked abbadoned but then a petit
:iconsandmanpeterick:SandmanPeterick 1 0
That  M A N I A  Skill Crane Thing by SandmanPeterick That M A N I A Skill Crane Thing :iconsandmanpeterick:SandmanPeterick 4 7 Lycan Gif by SandmanPeterick Lycan Gif :iconsandmanpeterick:SandmanPeterick 7 0



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